A Dead Fish

I used to be the activities director in the dementia unit of an assisted living facility. One thing I used to do to keep the residents’ minds active was to play word games, and these included several different variations of “Finish this…”

We finished song titles, movie titles, TV shows; we remembered presidents’ last names, the second halves of famous duos. My favorite, though, was “Finish this saying…”

We were playing “Finish this saying,” once and I said: “Don’t flog a dead…”

There was a strange silence, so I repeated the beginning of the saying. “Don’t flog a dead…Come on. I know you know this one! Don’t flog a dead…”

Finally, one of my residents threw her arms in the air. She knew it! She said excitedly, “Fish!”

So there’s a new saying for you: don’t flog a dead fish.

I’m sorry! What can I say? I’m all washed up.