Ten more great tales that prove Citizen Jim and Chicken Sheets ARE America’s most beloved best friends!

Join Chicken Sheets and Citizen Jim as they maneuver through, past, and against art, pop culture, the natural world, the high seas, fancy events – all while avoiding fatal explosions across the minefield of their friendship!

This collection includes:

Cruisin’ for a Musin’
In which Citizen Jim abandons a vacation with his wife to offer Chicken Sheets the gift of inspiration for all her literary endeavors—which she declines, remembering what happened to those poor Trojans in Ancient Greece.

Middle Aged Mehs
In which Citizen Jim arrives and tries to convince Chicken Sheets that the best place for her at this stage in life is at the convent near his home.

Work. Pride. Badgers.
In which Citizen Jim arrives in full costume to make sure Chicken Sheets knows it’s Pride Week, and to make sure she’s “still queer.”

Killing Jim
In which Citizen Jim arrives on the Gulf Coast to save Chicken Sheets from Hurricane Barry. And to give her a very important message from the BBC.

That’s What Friends Are For
In which Citizen Jim arrives to distract Chicken Sheets from the melancholy of midlife and the indignity of menopause.

A Run for It
In which Citizen Jim arrives and makes a scene (not to mention a huge mess) at a national pharmacy chain while Chicken Sheets maps out her scheme for finally becoming a best-selling author.

The Bight Stuff
In which Chicken Sheets gets drunk and goes sailing before having to help Citizen Jim row a stolen boat back to “the mainland.”

Power Down
In which Citizen Jim tries to keep Chicken Sheets from being up the ass of Twitter so she can advise him in a domestic matter.

Foxy and Phoebe and Taylor and Kate
In which Citizen Jim arrives for a little blood-letting, and can’t believe he has to tell a bed-ridden Chicken Sheets who’s hosting SNL…

The Alchemy Ball
In which Citizen Jim arrives in need of a ride and some reassurance from Chicken Sheets, who can offer neither at this time.