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Ask Goldie Bloom and she’ll tell you: Finding good help is like trying to find a barber for a bald man.

This is never more apparent to her than when Dewey Brewster and an ex-convict are sent to pick up an unnamed shipment of “goods” which Goldie makes clear she is desperate to receive.

A simple road trip becomes a nightmarish rollercoaster ride involving a band of bored hillbillies, an egocentric little person, a police chief whose legacy is on the line, and a bona fide “mad scientist” who believes the US government will stop at nothing to thwart his research efforts.

Thrown into the mix are a weapons-crazy war vet, a hapless sheriff’s deputy, a med student pretending to be a “sassy black maid” and the long-suffering best friend of Dewey Brewster, whose only goal is to get him far away from her new life in Cudgel.

The quest to return Goldie’s “goods” and their transport vehicle promises to make or break every person involved.