Two Things About Rip Taylor’s Death

  1. I saw earlier this evening that Rip Taylor passed away, and I immediately wanted to be able to go to my RSS feed and find that Jack Pendarvis had maybe written something about this news on his blog (even though he rarely blogs about anything not related to the appearance of owls in books anymore). As of right now, he has not written about Rip Taylor’s death. Maybe he will later. Maybe he won’t ever. But I hope he will at some point, because I like reading things he writes, but I—someone who has read nearly every entry on his blog and most of his books and every single Musin’s & Thinkin’s column on the Believer website—even I have given up on Jack Pendarvis’s Moby Dick (being published on Popula).
  2. The headline for Taylor’s obit in the Times says, “Rip Taylor, Flamboyant Television Comedian and Actor, Dies at 84.” When I read this, my first thought was (because I already knew he was dead and had already said, “Aw, crap…” to an empty room): “Oh. I thought we stopped substituting the word ‘flamboyant’ for ‘gay,’ like, at least 20 years ago?”