Born on This Day: Three Kings

What are the odds that three of the greatest influences on my young life would all have the same birthday?

Gary Larson, Steve Martin, and Wim Wenders are all celebrating life today. I am celebrating the good fortune to have been exposed to copious amounts of all these guys at such a young age.

If anyone has ever wondered why I’m so damned weird, my lifelong love affair with Larson, Martin, and Wenders goes far in explaining it.

This sucks as a blog post, but I will write about each one of these geniuses in turn, and in the way they deserve to be written about.

One of the best by Larson. Every gifted kid, at some point, has been accused of not having enough sense to pour piss out of a boot. And sometimes it’s true.


Steve Martin near the beginning of a remarkably versatile career. Who knew everything he had inside him?


No idea how many times I watched Paris, Texas as a teenager.

Bonus! Every time someone watches City of Angels, this movie rolls over in its grave and weeps into the dirt.