This Is the Day

On this day in 1854 Florence Nightingale and a band of nurses went off to aid in the Crimean War effort.

Also: on this day in 1917 the first American troops “saw action” in Nancy, France in our bid to help get back all the money J.P. Morgan loaned the warring Europeans.

On the same day American soldiers started killing people for no good reason, well, a miracle called Dizzy Gillespie was born.

In 1949 Aldous Huxley really started trudging the high road by writing a letter to George Orwell that said, basically, “Hey, man, great job with 1984.”

Then in 1984 a runner named Steve Jones set a Chicago Marathon record by finishing the race in 2:08:05.

And on this day in 2018 (i.e., today) I received a really, really nice email from someone I don’t know and will never meet. My life will surely not change, and this is not any catalyst for things to fall into place. I don’t even know if I’ll reply to it. But I am so glad this person exists that I had to mark the day.

That is all. (I had to write something; it’s time to go to bed.)