The Pressure of Writing for an Audience…

I need to hurry up and write something and post it before I start to get my second wind and end up not going to bed until after 11:00 like last night.

Aging bodies need more sleep, I am discovering (and lamenting).

But hey! Exciting evening. Dragged empty garbage can from the curb and toted recycle bins out to curb to be picked up tomorrow morning at some ungodly hour.

Lost three games of computer solitaire in a row. Closed program. I don’t need that kind of defeat and humiliation on a Monday.

Checked the south side of the house for Foxy’s return: no signs of her. She’s gone forever, I guess. Vanished without a trace or warning, just like Diane.

Book idea: The Presto Manifesto by Optimisto, the Positivity Magician.

Remember when they discovered those bits and pieces of a Roman chariot in Wales? I wrote a story that mentions that, and totally forgot about writing the story. You can read it here: Chariots of Ire.

Waffles tomorrow night with Candaleeza Pryopalooza.

Time to make notes for the first book in the Inspector Greenbrick series. I might finally have a cash cow on my hands. But it’s probably just bullshit.

I know you saw what I just did there.