Speak and Spell and Die of Embarrassment

In a message I sent to a friend of mine on FB Messenger I misspelled the word “dessert.”

Not only does that make me sad due to the fact that my sixth grade teacher (Hi, Mrs. Kabulski!) provided a mnemonic device for us by saying, “Remember: ‘dessert’ always has two Scoops!”

At least I think it was she who told us that. That was – hang on; I can’t do math in my head, AS WE ALL KNOW! – that was 37 years ago.

Holy crap on a corndog stick! Why can I still remember that Mrs. Kabulski wore Odyssey perfume by Avon but I can’t remember to buy Gain crystals after making a special trip to Walmart to buy Gain crystals an hour – not even 37 hours! – after deciding I needed them?

Ugh. Misspelling the word “dessert” also makes me sad because it was in the context of telling my friend that “[t]iramisu is my all-time favorite desert (sic).”

“Oh, really? Is that right?” she should have replied. “I’ve always been a fan of the Sahara myself, though the Gobi comes in a close second.”

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