Sorry. I Gotta Go Blog.

So I almost went to bed without posting on the blog tonight. But I didn’t want to break my posting streak.

Who cares if I have nothing to say, except that I saw an article from Cracked magazine today about people having sex with ghosts, a topic about which I blogged night before last – a blog post which killed my favorite fish in the aquarium at work.

Add to all that the fact that I just sent a message on FB to a friend of mine which said: “I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I feel like I’m inside a goddamn wiffle ball filled with jingle bells half the time.”

I think I have a plan for these nights when I need to post but I have nothing inside me that is not dead.

What if there were a reality show about a weird, middle aged Writer who keeps accidentally meeting beautiful women – sometimes celebrities, sometimes not. And at the end of each episode, right when the beautiful woman is warming up to the Writer’s ogre-like appearance and lack of filter, the Writer says, “Sorry. I gotta go blog.”