Options, Man! Options!

Remember how all the Citizen Jim stories used to be really short and snappy? Probably not.

After writing about a hundred or so of those stories, they started getting longer. This is because I pretty much stopped working on anything else, so by the time I got around to writing any Citizen Jim story, I had a lot of sludge to blow out my creative pipes.

Today I wrote a Citizen Jim story that ended up being 2,000 words long. I knew when I got to the end it was too long, but I wasn’t concerned.

Then I sent the story link to one of my Twitter friends, and she let me know in no uncertain terms (because those are the only terms she deals in, and that’s what I like so much about her) that “The Royal Immigrant Problem” was “too long. People don’t have the brain stamina to concentrate for that long so you have to edit. Make it punchy. Like your pancake story!”

So I cut nearly 600 words from it. But kept the original version, too. It’s nice to offer people options.

So if you want to read the original, uncut version of “The Royal Immigrant Problem,” click here.

If you want the somewhat “punchy,” ADD version, click here.

While I’m on the whole subject of Citizen Jim stories, I guess I’ll remind you that you can buy the most recent collection of Citizen Jim stories.

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