Nothing Weird Here

I’ve been trying to do a little marketing on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter lately. “A little” is kind of funny to read – because I really busted my ass and my brain working on this project over the weekend.

Since I hadn’t checked my Kindle book sales or my sales on Lulu-dot-Com for a week or so I thought I’d go ahead and do that before bed.

“Boy, wouldn’t it be nice if I found out I was 35-cents richer?” I guess I might have thought to myself when I was logging in to the Kindle platform.

Looking at a bar graph with no bars on it to indicate any sales, I said out loud: “Yeah, that looks about right.”

Then I went to Lulu and logged in to my account there, hoping I might have sold maybe a book or two.

Nope. Not one sale. I said out loud, “Yep. That looks about right, too.”

Then I logged into my blog dashboard and started writing this post. I didn’t even cry or anything, I just moved past the sad fact that I can’t sell a damned book NO MATTER WHAT and started writing a blog post.

I guess that means I’m a real writer, a true artist with that infamous rhino hide instead of the thin skin of a wannabe writer.

A rhino

Anyway. Well. I said I’d try and post something on this blog every day even if it wasn’t very long, even if it were of no import whatsoever. Haha. Yep. That sounds about right.