Not This Again: Abandoned Blog Edition

There are several posts on this blog regarding the act of blogging (they can all be read here), and one post even talks about an old blog of mine that I dismantled for a reason I am powerless to name, now, though it must have seemed like a very good reason at the time considering how much material I just pretty much stuck inside a floating can with a time bomb inside it before pushing it off the side of a boat in the middle of the ocean.

But today as I was clearing out RSS feeds that I no longer care to keep up with on a regular basis, I came across a feed for This Blog is Called Hijinks. It sounded vaguely familiar, then I realized why: it was yet another blog I started an abandoned many years go.

I don’t know why I abandoned it, either, but I will say that I used to be better at blog post titles than I am these days. Be warned: I can’t promise I won’t at some point cannibalize that other blog to spruce up this sad affair.