No Title Forthcoming

I haven’t posted on this blog for over a month. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t meant to, or that I’m not going to ever again.

Since taking a hiatus from The Facebook I’ve been catching up on all my on-line reading and some of my real-time reading, as well as starting a new job and trying to make good decisions about the following things:

  • which would be the best purchase: a Kindle, a Fire tablet, or an Asus ZenPad?
  • should I get a haircut?
  • am I supposed to feel ashamed of the fact that even though I read parts of some book every night before bed, the only book I’ve started and finished in the last four months is a middling book about the Lord Lucan case?
  • is it time to start dating again?
  • should I complain to the League of Spell-check Algorithms regarding the fact that the word “blog” has a red, squiggly line underneath it whenever it appears in the text editor of this freaking BLOG?

So. As you can see, if you try hard enough, I’m very busy.