No Clues Are…Good Clues?

Every once in a while, I will go through old notebooks to see what the hell I thought was important enough to write down months ago. Usually it’s just fodder for stories that I’ve already transcribed somewhere else, or bullshit not worth transcribing at all.

Then there are things that fall somewhere in between not warranting transcription and just getting lost between the cracks. Where did this stuff come from? Where was it supposed to go, if anywhere?

Like? Like:

  • A man has a “lost” Kazimir Malevich that his family is constantly fighting over, stealing, and returning! (It was the exclamation point that stumped me here: was I excited by this idea? Angry at the thought of it? Impatiently answering [for the fifth time?] a question never asked?)
  • Chinese Reilly
  • “A well-dressed woman with good posture is an asset to any revolution.”*
  • “What does it mean that we keep making ourselves sad by making one another sad? Are we characters in search of a soap opera?”

Is this art? If so, it’s ridiculous and I’m not sure I need to have anything to do with it.

*: I actually do know where this comes from (it’s a stray thought about some photo I saw of a friend during the WV teacher’s strike back in February or March); why I wrote it down (to use in a story I’m pretty sure I will never write called Plural Navigation Patterns of the Western Liberation Front; also because it needed to be said); and what character it was supposed to be said by.

Kazimir Malevich, Bureau and Room, 1913