My Mom Said Things

When I was a kid, my mom had a lot of weird sayings regarding a variety of different topics and situations. I remember a lot of them but have no idea what she was talking about most of the time.

I also remember that she always had a fly swatter handy in the summer months, and would swear that every time she killed a fly, “five of his cousins showed up for the funeral.”

And that did seem true – the more you killed, the more you had to kill.

“Oui! I, too, enjoy murdering…flies!”

I was thinking about that this evening we I went into the dashboard of my blog and saw that I had THIRTEEN (13) new comments waiting to be reviewed and published. I knew those were all bullshit, not-real comments. They are always bullshit, not-real comments.

In fact, I just wrote about it YESTERDAY! I deleted eight bullshit, not-real comments yesterday; today there were thirteen in place of those eight I got rid of last night.

So I went to the trouble of selecting all the comments and bulk-deleted them. Then I went into the general settings on my blog and made it so NOBODY can leave comments on ANY post at all, ever, from this point forward.

Oh, okay. Yeah. Whatever. Believe me, I know: like anybody was going to!