Merry Christmas

The plan was to purge my life of social media at the end of this, the worst year in a long time (if not on a personal level then definitely on a world-wide scale).

I was going to let my Facebook friends know, and the people who follow my page. Nobody cares at the other platforms, so I wasn’t worried about a sudden unexplained departure from those.

But I went ahead and gave it all the old heave-ho in the last few days – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all of it. Even poor little LinkedIn wasn’t given the option of surviving til the last day of the year.

I had already been avoiding my personal Facebook page from 1 December onward, deactivating with plans to delete in the future. I have always had a “fake” page on Facebook, and  had connected that to my author page so the deletion of my personal page wouldn’t matter to that.

None of this matters, though. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn have all been deleted. It was all planned – for quite a while, and for so many reasons.

The short answer is: I’m just tired of social media and tired of being part of the larger function (and subsequent problem) of social media.

Some of my arguments supporting the short-answer reasons are being echoed and/or defended in a book called Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now by Jaron Lanier, whose Silicon Valley credentials impress me when laid against the bare skin of his greater good-laced pragmatism and common decency.

The longer answer will, no doubt, be explored, considered, and formulated in bits and pieces via Midlife Antidote, the podcast I am planning to launch some time in January 2019.

To quote Albert Brooks’s character in Broadcast News after declaring his love for the character played by Holly Hunter: “How do you like that? I buried the lede.”