I Am Not Depressed

My sister has been reading my blog lately – something she swore she would never do again after I kept “teasing” her with a deluge of posts, then nothing for, oh, three years? Four years?

Yeah. I did that to her a lot. Not because I lost faith in myself, or because I lost faith in my ability to write. That’s just how life is sometimes. Shit happens.

Anyway. Where was I? Oh, yes: I really only quit blogging on a regular basis because I never think of my sister’s feelings.

She told me she’d been reading my blog when we spoke on the phone recently, then let me know that most of the posts sound to her like I’m very depressed.

Admittedly there is one post that actually said at the very end of it, “Now I’m depressed. I’m going to go take a nap.” But I thought it would come across as facetious.

It didn’t. Not to my sister.

The post that actually said I was depressed was the last post I made until this one bubbled into my brain. The post that actually said I was depressed was also the first post she would have seen if she looked at my blog yesterday.

Maybe she only read the first post she saw.

If so, that’s totally depressing.

But it can’t be true because she mentioned liking a picture of a baby she saw on another post.

Whew. I feel better, now. At least I know my sister is reading my blog.

That’s what she tells me, anyway.

Also, I hope my sister noticed this post was categorized under “Convoluted” before she started reading, or she’ll be complaining about that, too. If she ever reads it.

By the way. Remember those awful emergency broadcasting system tests they used to do on TVs? Oh, I hated those as a kid. Really, really hated them – like, when I knew one was coming on, I thought I would lose my fucking mind when that high-pitched signal came out of the TV. (Like, I just found one on YouTube, and could only listen to half a second of that sound before stopping it.)

This whole post has been sort of like a test of the emergency broadcasting system. If an actual emergency occurs, I will instruct you to read another blog post regarding it.

According to Google Images, this is what “happy” looks like. My sister likes photos of babies. So this picture is a win/win for me and this blog.