For the Record (Before Records Became Cool Again)

I just remembered that the first time I saw Marilyn (Brian Warner) Manson on MTV I had to turn the channel because the video playing (“Sweet Dreams [Are Made of This]”) made me physically ill.

And when I say it made me physically ill, I don’t mean that metaphorically. I really thought I was going to puke.

I never acquired the taste for Marilyn Manson, and when I found out he had somehow convinced Dita (Heather Sweet) Von Teese to marry him, I felt sick all over again.

Probably not the average person’s reaction to a couple named Brian and Heather. But. It didn’t last, anyway, and they got divorced after two years. Which is probably more in line with the fate of couples named Brian and Heather.

The world has been a weird place for a long time.

I’m no longer sure why I wrote this post.

Brian and Heather in happier days.