Blowing the Dust Off Dead Things

Joe Orton’s Friend

So I’ve been trying to resurrect and sort of fluff up my on-line presence, and this has proved to be tedious and frustrating and will most likely prove worthless when all is said and done and written.

I could remember nothing about an old Instagram account, so I just started a new one. Because I DID remember something about my Twitter account, I decided to keep it going even though I started it in 2014 and had not posted anything to it since June 2015. Also, the “handle” for that account is @chickensheets. Who cares?

I have to say I was mildly amused by this tweet:

It brought back surreal memories of working at a small town newspaper office, a job I have neither the interest nor the stamina to do at this stage in my life, just four short years later.

And I just realized that I probably should add a photo of some kind to this in case I share it to Facebook. For God’s sake, just let me think! Get off my case, all right? This is all much harder since my brain started filling with other things.

This isn’t much of a blog post, but I have to re-start somewhere, I guess.