Citizen Jim Jams

For the longest time I didn’t know how I could have 22,000 music files on my computer and justify paying for a streaming service. I remember when streaming services were in their youth; I used LastFM a lot and thought it was the coolest thing ever, then I fell out of the streaming habit.

But now I am a Spotify premium subscriber. And I’m glad.

Especially wonderful is the option to listen to a themed “station.” My favorite right now is XTC Radio. Perfect mix of the old 80s – XTC, of course, Gang of Four, Stranglers, Modern Lovers, The Jam, Joe Jackson, etc.

E.g., at this moment, “See No Evil” by Television is playing, and I’m thinking about how I once played this song for my dementia residents and we chair-danced to it on a rainy afternoon.

Even though I own the Marquee Moon album I don’t listen to it on a regular basis, and so this sweet memory might not have come to me earlier than next spring had I not been streaming XTC Radio on Spotify.

Now “Rattlesnakes” by Lloyd Cole is playing.

This haphazard nostalgia-on-the-fly situation creates a lot of little Happiness Pockets for me to stick my hands into without giving me the opportunity to get focused on things that can turn into Unhappiness Pockets.

Believe me, I don’t need any Unhappiness Pockets, things that might turn my life into “Can’t Get Used to Losing You” by English Beat (now playing).

Of course, I also love that I can remake my decade-old LastFM playlist that contained every song mentioned or alluded to in the Citizen Jim Stories. (Yeah, I was doing that shit before it was cool.)