Born on This Day: Antonio Salieri

Antonio Salieri was born on this day in 1750, and was later – much, much later – made famous in the movie Amadeus.

“And if they make a movie about me or that little asshole Wolfie, I want to be played by an ugly man. Ugly! Really, really UGLY! Don’t even try to spiff me up on screen!”

But was he really? Did F. Murray Abraham play a character that was truly based on Salieri, with all the attendant quirks and strong emotions flying every which way whenever Mozart was around (as portrayed by Abraham)?

Here’s something I found on Wikipedia, which is, of course, the alpha and omega of any and all research anyone can ever do because it’s so tightly monitored and it’s not like just ANYBODY can get on there and write shit:

However, even with Mozart and Salieri’s rivalry for certain jobs, there is very little evidence that the relationship between the two composers was at all acrimonious beyond this, especially after 1785 or so, when Mozart had become established in Vienna. Rather, they appeared to usually see each other as friends and colleagues, and supported each other’s work.

But if the people who had the big idea for the movie Amadeus had followed the actual historical trajectory of the relationship between Mozart and Salieri, there would have been no movie – or at least not the movie we know today (which would not be a complete tragedy, according to some people).

I’m already bored by this topic. I guess I just proved I don’t give a shit about Salieri, in case you had been suspecting it all along.