Bartleby, Book Lights, Bed Side Tables

I’m not one with a lot of patience for “the classics.” I like a few here and there – like Great Expectations, Hamlet, er…Yeah, I know there are a few others but I’m not going to break my brain trying to call them into my mind.

The one old-timey novel I love more than any of the others is Bartleby the Scrivener by Herman Melville, whose book Moby Dick I have never even tried to read because, well.

Look: I’m almost 50 years old. I don’t have a lot of time left. None of us really does have a lot of time, period, whether we’re 90 or newly born. I am not reading Moby Dick. Drop it.

Anyway. I don’t even know what I was going to say about Bartleby. Because of Moby Dick.

I guess my biggest news of the day is that I bought a book light. Oh boy! It’s a small one, runs by lithium battery. I have so many books I’m not reading because they’re paperback or hardback; I really only read before bed every night these days. I probably will until I inherit all that money from a relative overseas that I still don’t know about yet.

Once that happens, I’ll just read all day – when I get up, when I’m eating lunch, after dinner, and even while my personal trainer works out for me in the gym every morning. So, in order to read in bed, I need a book light because I’m not ambitious enough to even try and pick out a bedside table on which I could place a bedside lamp.

Plus, bedside tables…collect things. Things which can include but are not limited to: tissues, eyeglasses, dust, notepads, ponytail holders, pencils, headbands, q-tips, nail files, pens, loose change, folded money, receipts, candy wrappers, earbuds, Chapstick, water bottles, catalogs, magazines, and, of course, piles of books one means to read though one never quite finds the time unless one inherits money from a swell benefactor.

I don’t need a piece of furniture to collect things that I’ll one day have to decide to throw away one day because sometimes throwing away even useless things can be hard since sometimes you can’t be sure whether something truly is useless until you’ve lived without it for a while without missing it.

Oh, now I remember why I brought up Bartleby! Because I’ve finally been using the Scrivener Program I’ve had on my computer for the last year. Now I don’t feel like talking about that. Maybe another day.