There really is a book for every song, and a song for every book.

Books and music go together like music and dancing, or books and cats, or smoking and writing, or afternoons and napping, or puns and wincing.

We’ve all read a passage in a book that made us think of a song we know; we’ve all listened to music just as literary as any passage in a book.

Sometimes our favorite singers allude to what they’ve read, while many books we love seem to belt out perfect prose that sounds like a million angels on the head of a pin auditioning for the choir in Heaven.

This blog wants to remind you of this, or point this out to you, or make it known to people who either hate listening to music or reading books that they don’t know what they’re missing, maybe that they don’t know anything.

Mr. Barlow says, “Your blog intro brings to mind this song.”

Then I posted a Spotify link to the song, but now it’s gone and I can’t remember what the song was.

Who cares? You should definitely go and read Mr. Barlow’s blog.

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