Titles by This Author


The Gentle Grace of Days
Back to 505
Sliding Uphill Sideways
Twilight of the Proles
The Joker in the Deck
The Mystery of the Missing Whistler
No Side Pockets
Too Much Mac and Not Enough Cheese
The Strange Allure of a Cold Medicine Fog
Further from Heaven
The Secret Code of the Paris Wolf Bone Club for Girls
The Dirt Daubers of Toejam Cove
The Lavender Halibut
The Femur in the Life Boat
Lord Lucan’s Top Hat
The Ham Family
Buried in a Strangler’s Clothes
A Thousand Pratfalls into the Ocean
Plural Navigation Patterns of the Western Liberation Front
The Crested Pickle Murders
Please Do Not Open Your Umbrella in My House
Band of Insiders
The Prodigal Ghost
The Creak of Consciousness, or This Might Be the Worst Idea Yet
Brad and Diana on Their Way To the Seance
In the Court of the Radish King
Dinner at the Wonder Bar
The Great Dismantling


Tonics for Revenge and Other Stories
A Hat Full of Paper
Gallstone Soup: 16 Stories
These Deals Won’t Last Long: Stories


Codename: Sassafras
Codename: Fandango
Codename: Pinecone
Codename: Kreng
Codename: Venus, Jr.
Codename: Schnitzel


Baron Bullcherry and the Exploding Teabags of Nether Wallop
Baron Bullcherry and the Dancing Curtains of West Dean
Baron Bullcherry and the Flying Salad Plates of Fogo Parish
Baron Bullcherry and the Sneezing Cats of Andalusia
Baron Bullcherry and the Smirking Statues of Pinchpoke Bay
Baron Bullcherry and the Sinking House on Doohickey Island


The Blasted Wooden Pram Wheels!
The Blasted Rooster Next Door!
The Blasted Olive Jar Lid!
The Blasted Dripping Tap!
The Blasted Serpentine Belt!

AL Confidential Series

The Adventure of the Disappearing Reading Glasses
The Adventure of the Hitching Post at the Bingo Hall
The Adventure of the Vanishing Remote Control
The Adventure of the Exploding Dill Pickle
The Adventure of the Missing Laundry
The Adventure of the Stolen Dentures
The Adventure of the Unreachable Cabinet
The Adventure of the Malfunctioning Bidet


The Mystery of the Crying Cat-Baby
The Prune Salad Adventure
The Curse of the Overflowing Toilet


The Presto Manifesto (as Optimisto, the Positivity Magician)
The Complete Guide to Fire Accelerants Found in Nature
All These Amazing Ideas: A Cautionary Tale
A Face to Launch a Thousand Rips: Living with the Ugliness of Others in an Age of Haphazard Self-Care
Let Us Linger in the Chambers of the Judiciary
How to Control People and Pets with Hypnotism


A Book Full of Notes
The Ketchup Bottle Message
Running to Forget
Tricky Curves Ahead
The Daily Mail
Fortunate Coincidences
The Safe Cracker
Four Out of Five Stars

NOTE: I will add new titles as they come to me. (Did you think I had actually written all these books? Sorry. No. No, these are just titles, like it says right at the top of the page.)