Two Things About Rip Taylor’s Death

I saw earlier this evening that Rip Taylor passed away, and I immediately wanted to be able to go to my RSS feed and find that Jack Pendarvis had maybe written something about this news on his blog (even though he rarely blogs about anything not related to the appearance of owls in books anymore)….

No thanks! (2018 Edition)

I can’t help thinking God is probably still pretty mad about everything that has happened to the Native Americans since the first Thanksgiving. But I shouldn’t be a killjoy. Why do I always try to ruin everyone’s good time?

Tired or Lazy? One of These For Sure.

I realized almost 24 hours after I posted to my blog last night that I called my imaginary TV show the wrong thing. I’m sorry.

Can a friendship win an Emmy?

It will star Amy Sedaris (in full-on Jerri Blank get-up) as me, and maybe Teri Hatcher or Demi Moore as my friend. The premise of the show could be a failed writer trying to convince her shy friend to star in a reality show with her.

Long Live the Streak!

…[E]verything I thought to write about seemed like something I should be putting into my current WORK IN PROGRESS (as opposed to ON THIS BLOG).

A Good French Conundrum

So something is happening in a couple days that is so wonderful that it’s terrible! On August 28, Netflix will finally have season two of “The Good Place” to stream in its entirety. Season 1 was pretty impressive, and I am almost totally in love (actually, 2/3 sounds about right) with Kristen Bell, so this…

People Don’t Know Anything

I just read a blog post by Jack Pendarvis (who doesn’t really blog any more) about a googling misadventure that took him to the promontory from where he decided to shout that some people who write for the Internet are really, really dumb. And that made me think of the time I read an article on the Flavorwire…