Liebke, meine Liebling!

Picture it: West Virginia. In your memory it is always bleak, always winter. Picture a town 15 miles from the nearest interstate exit, a town so insular and clannish that if you were not born inside a house (or on the marble floor of a bank lobby or on a pile of hay in a horse stable or on the filthy floor of a gas station bathroom) within the city limits you will be forever relegated to Outsider status. Now. Imagine you are an Outsider, and you work but you are still poor. So poor that you often look at […] Read More

From Russia, with Love

Imagine being a child of the 80s – someone who grew up during a time when we all thought the cold war wouldn’t end until the Soviets pushed the button and blew up the world – imagine having that in your memory bank and then seeing that you’re being “followed” by Russia Observer.

Like a Little Girl

Remember that time I got to meet Senator Robert Byrd (before he went off the deep end into senility and helped put Alito on the Supreme Court) at the dedication of that jail in Gilmer County, WV? And remember when Senator John D. Rockefeller IV sought me out in a reporters’ line-up so he could tell me that he liked an article I had written in the local paper about a broadband project spearheaded by some super-geeks at Carnegie Mellon University? Neither one of those things was as exciting as logging in to my Twitter account and seeing that @jackpendarvis […] Read More

I Saw Lon Chaney (Jr.) Dancing with the Queens

I don’t even know where to start this post. You might say it starts more than a decade ago, though it could actually be traced from a decade ago to almost three decades ago.  Screw it. I’m not going back that far, and I’m not going to explain everything I wanted to explain in this post. I’m not getting paid to do this – until I do you’ll take what I give you and lump it or leave it. A week or so ago I was sitting at the bar of Ravenite Pizzeria with my friend Jim waiting for our […] Read More

People Don’t Know Anything

I just read a blog post by Jack Pendarvis (who doesn’t really blog any more) about a googling misadventure that took him to the promontory from where he decided to shout that some people who write for the Internet are really, really dumb. And that made me think of the time I read an article on the Flavorwire website that said Arthur Rimbaud “falls in love with Tom Verlaine” in the film Total Eclipse.  Yes, I know, I know: Tom Verlaine was the lead singer of Television. Arthur Rimbaud was, of course, in love with – and shot by – Paul Verlaine. In fact, I know of […] Read More