Is It My Face?

I’ve been on a mini-vacation from work for the past five days, and for me that’s meant staying in and getting other work done—housework, writing, social media, etc. But I got a call at around 7:30 on Friday night from a friend who was at the Waffle House with her girlfriend eating dinner. She asked me to join them, so I told her to order me a waffle with half a cup of coffee and that I’d be there in five. We were just shooting the shit, as you do at the Waffle House, talking about books, and at one […] Read More

How to Trick Old People

Today I’m going to teach you how to trick old people into listening to Jeff Buckley without grousing. Every day at lunch I read a little thing I throw together called On This Day in History to the assisted living residents in the retirement community where I work. I try to find things that they learned in history themselves, as well as things they will either totally remember, sort of remember happening, or just funny, weird, strange events. (E.g., I’m kind of infamous for telling them about someone’s birthday in history just because that person has an uncommon name. Like, […] Read More

Citizen Jim Jams

This haphazard nostalgia-on-the-fly situation creates a lot of little Happiness Pockets for me to stick my hands into without giving me the opportunity to get focused on things that can turn into Unhappiness Pockets.


For whatever reason, as soon as I decided to go back to blogging on Word Press, the fine people who have been kind enough to develop the Word Press interface and who keep updating it out of the kindness of their hearts have gone one step beyond and developed a new editor for people using Word Press. I didn’t have to activate it and start using it, but they will be making it SOP when they roll out the next version of Word Press. I don’t think I’ll be dead when that happens, nor will I have given up blogging (though […] Read More

A Week Just Like Today

Friday means the weekend is here. It also means I am worn out. Here’s why, times five. 8:40 – Arrive to work a little late because I had to pick up some work-related items on the way in. Time clock rejects my fingerprint twelve times before finally letting me into the system for the day.

Blowing the Dust Off Dead Things

So I’ve been trying to resurrect and sort of fluff up my on-line presence, and this has proved to be tedious and frustrating and will most likely prove worthless when all is said and done and written. I could remember nothing about an old Instagram account, so I just started a new one. Because I DID remember something about my Twitter account, I decided to keep it going even though I started it in 2014 and had not posted anything to it since June 2015. Also, the “handle” for that account is @chickensheets. Who cares? I have to say I […] Read More

I Had a Blog Once

Because I’m an “old person” I will freely admit that I had a blog a long time ago that I updated faithfully for something like four years. Chicken Sheets is On the Loose spanned nearly two relationships and was beamed from at least three different apartments and houses. By the time I had some strange fit and took it down, I’d written about seven or eight hundred posts that had been viewed tens of thousands of times. Besides my sister, I have no idea who else was reading that blog.

I Forget How to Blog

I can’t remember what blogging involves or whether any money can be made from it. It seems like there used to be a lot of good blogs out there. I don’t think this will be one of those. But who knows? The world is full of wonder and surprise.