Is It My Face?

I’ve been on a mini-vacation from work for the past five days, and for me that’s meant staying in and getting other work done—housework, writing, social media, etc. But I got a call at around 7:30 on Friday night from a friend who was at the Waffle House with her girlfriend eating dinner. She asked me to join them, so I told her to order me a waffle with half a cup of coffee and that I’d be there in five. We were just shooting the shit, as you do at the Waffle House, talking about books, and at one […] Read More

The Adding Machine Post

Suffice to say, the Burroughs family of St. Louis had a lot of money. It was this money that afforded William Seward Burroughs II a spot at Harvard, from which he graduated in 1936, as well as the freedom to pursue writing and shooting up heroin and sex-seeking holidays in Tangier. This money, with what he made as reporter, also financed a fateful stint in Mexico City.


Now. I ask you: why are these women going from men directly to water creatures and spirits without even trying out having sex with other human women? Believe me, it’s not just a ghost who could make a woman say, “It was very strange, but the sex was amazing!”

Morbid Millie Drops the Ball

Time can get away from us all every now and then. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like it – like when you go into the same  Ruby Tuesday where you worked for two weeks in 1996 but while you’re eating you hear Hootie and the Blowfish, Jewel, Goo Goo Dolls, and Blues Traveler played back-to-back. If you don’t find yourself immediately demanding your fucking money back for having to try and force your food down while that cacophony was playing in the background, you might have tricked yourself into thinking that no time has passed and the girl you had a […] Read More

Are ANY Anti-Gay Crusaders NOT Secretly Gay?

Sadly enough, we are living in an age when an obituary might have a headline containing these words: “…Christian Camp Leader Accused of Beatings…” If it does, you can almost bet any amount of money you have available to wager that the obituary itself will contain a phrase like, “…evangelical Christian leader and anti-gay campaigner…” And if you see that phrase, there’s no way in hell it won’t be followed closely by a phrase like this: “…it was alleged that he had been cultivating friendships with young men, showering with them and questioning them about pornography and masturbation.” Never. Fucking. Fails. […] Read More

Born on This Day: Annie Oakley

Today is the birthday of Phoebe Ann Mosey, born in Ohio in 1860. She later went on to fame as  Annie Oakley, a sharp shooter in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. She died of anemia at the age of 66 on November 3, 1926. Finding this out made me think – on and off, all day – about a collection of short stories I’ve loved for decades called Annie Oakley’s Girl, by Rebecca Brown. I bought it when it first came out, knowing nothing about it except that it might tell some stories about gay people, and in 1992 I badly […] Read More

I Can’t Stop Hating This

Through no fault or great plan of my own, I happened to stumble upon the most idiotic, ridiculous, vomit-inducing thing I’ve seen on Amazon in a long time. (And I see books by Nicholas Sparks on that site quite often.) Here is a picture of it: Think about that! No, don’t! I know, I know: besides all that, why does it make me so mad to see a product like this? Because of everything I just wrote! To hear heterosexual Christians talk, they’re so fucking expert at being married that nobody except heterosexuals should be allowed to get married. And […] Read More

Bumbling Towards Ecstasy

So. Sunday wedding announcements in the Times. Blah blah blah. [Caitlin and James] met almost a year ago on the dating app Bumble. [Carolyn and Brian], who met on the dating app Bumble, were married at Playa Largo Resort in Key Largo, Fla. Obviously, today’s offerings were strange only in that two of the newly married couples each met on a dating app called Bumble. Really?! I got a little excited!

Wedding Kells

First off: yes. Yes, I know! I suck at blogging! The infrequency with which I post things on this blog is probably fodder for a blog entry itself, but not on this night. I’m sorry! Last week I read a story about a teacher at a Catholic school who was fired from her job after it was discovered that she got married – not to a fat, bug-eyed athletic coach named Chad, and not to Jesus. No, she married a woman! Uh oh. There was a bit of an outcry about the firing of this teacher from many of the […] Read More

Not a Review: The Shape of Water

At First At first I did not want to see it. For one thing, I don’t like science-fictiony things or fantasy-things or scary-things – which are all -things I know Guillermo del Toro is known for. Also: Sally Hawkins has never been someone I enjoy watching – she usually creeps me out as much as Amanda Plummer does, and that’s no small feat. (I wonder why Amanda Plummer was never cast in the movie about Diane Arbus? I think Diane Arbus would be the role Amanda Plummer could nail and never have to make another movie to stay famous.) And […] Read More

(Unfortunate) Coupling

My grandmother, who was old the whole time I knew her (or so I thought; that’s always how young people think), used to quip, “I read the obituaries this morning and didn’t see my name,” whenever you’d ask how she was doing. Very droll, Grandma. But also sort of pragmatic. Anyway. I am single. I have been single for nearly five years. I don’t know that I ever want to have a serious girlfriend again. Yeah, that’s how old I am: What’s the point? I think to myself. I’m not looking at more than 20 years before The Big Sleep – do […] Read More