Is It My Face?

I’ve been on a mini-vacation from work for the past five days, and for me that’s meant staying in and getting other work done—housework, writing, social media, etc. But I got a call at around 7:30 on Friday night from a friend who was at the Waffle House with her girlfriend eating dinner. She asked me to join them, so I told her to order me a waffle with half a cup of coffee and that I’d be there in five. We were just shooting the shit, as you do at the Waffle House, talking about books, and at one […] Read More

The Book You Want to Read

“Write the book you want to read.” Is that good advice? I’m not sure. When I think about it, I know it makes sense, but as soon as I concede that, I suddenly lose my idea of what I want to read. It just flies out of my head, like all the books I knew I wanted to look for once I step inside a bookstore, or the way album titles used to leave me when I finally made it to Camelot Music in the Middletown Mall throughout the 80s. What are the books I have loved most in the […] Read More

Reading in 2018: Sad!

Last year I set a goal via Good Reads: I would read 45 books between January and December. In keeping with what we will just call “the story of my life,” I failed to read 45 books – but I did manage to read 38 books.

Prelude to Bloomsbury Memories Post

I crawled into my bed a little early last night – not to sleep, but to read under the covers with Chrissy at the foot of the bed, and all right with the world. As I lay there, I kept letting the thought flit through my mind that I needed to get up and write a blog post. I knew what I was going to write and everything, and I kept thinking about it. Somewhere along the way, that thought stopped flitting, circling a few times and settling down with its tail wrapped around its body just like Chrissy. It […] Read More

Morbid Millie Drops the Ball

Time can get away from us all every now and then. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like it – like when you go into the same  Ruby Tuesday where you worked for two weeks in 1996 but while you’re eating you hear Hootie and the Blowfish, Jewel, Goo Goo Dolls, and Blues Traveler played back-to-back. If you don’t find yourself immediately demanding your fucking money back for having to try and force your food down while that cacophony was playing in the background, you might have tricked yourself into thinking that no time has passed and the girl you had a […] Read More

Oh, well. Why not?

Have I ever mentioned what a Twittiot I am? This is my word (probably not original: shut up!) for being a Twitter Idiot. I’m so bad at it. Instagram, too. All those hashtags and @-symbols and the never-ending. always-updating scroll on both platforms. I was born in 1969. This is not the future I imagined. I just wanted hand-held video cameras to not cost $8,000 and hoped Game Theory would one day win a  Grammy.* Anyway. Because I’m bad at Twitter and Instagram, I have very few followers on either site. Nobody reads this blog, either. Also, I’m pretty sure […] Read More

A Good French Conundrum

So something is happening in a couple days that is so wonderful that it’s terrible! On August 28, Netflix will finally have season two of “The Good Place” to stream in its entirety. Season 1 was pretty impressive, and I am almost totally in love (actually, 2/3 sounds about right) with Kristen Bell, so this whole streaming-thing makes my toes tingle. Also on August 28, French Exit, a new novel by Patrick Dewitt, will be released. Dewitt has written three other novels, all of which I have read, and from none of those can I pick a favorite: they are […] Read More

Born on This Day: Annie Oakley

Today is the birthday of Phoebe Ann Mosey, born in Ohio in 1860. She later went on to fame as  Annie Oakley, a sharp shooter in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. She died of anemia at the age of 66 on November 3, 1926. Finding this out made me think – on and off, all day – about a collection of short stories I’ve loved for decades called Annie Oakley’s Girl, by Rebecca Brown. I bought it when it first came out, knowing nothing about it except that it might tell some stories about gay people, and in 1992 I badly […] Read More

Still very busy

Since my last post, I have been very busy taking care of all the new business presented as proof that I had been too busy to write any blog posts when I posted last. On the subject of whether it would be better to purchase a Kindle, a Fire tablet, or an Asus ZenPad, I stopped waffling and ordered a Fire tablet. I now wish I hadn’t. The software is very clunky and slow, and offers too many opportunities for distraction to a person who has no will power to keep distractions at bay. If I had it all to […] Read More

The Shape of Unauthorized Imitation

My introduction to YA literature was, I guess, via Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary: Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret, Naomi in the Middle, Blubber, Fifteen, Jean and Johnny – that sort of thing. But the first YA I read that I could actually relate to, and that seemed to be better written (to my fifth grade mind, anyway) was Paul Zindel’s Pardon Me, You’re Stepping on My Eyeball. I can still remember much of it vividly, because at that point in life I’d never read anything like it. Though I did read The Pigman and My Darling, My Hamburger, Pardon Me… will always […] Read More