Two Things About Rip Taylor’s Death

I saw earlier this evening that Rip Taylor passed away, and I immediately wanted to be able to go to my RSS feed and find that Jack Pendarvis had maybe written something about this news on his blog (even though he rarely blogs about anything not related to the appearance of owls in books anymore)….

Full disclosure?

I’ve noticed that (usually) when people lean toward you and say in a low voice, “Full disclosure…” they never tell you anything interesting, or anything that you didn’t already either know or at least guess about them. I used the parenthetical offset with the word “usually” because every once in a while someone’s full disclosure…

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

Remember the song “99” by Toto? Is this number being assigned to a girl? Maybe a robot? The price of a hot dog and a Coke at the skating rink in 1979? The number of angels that will fit between the teeth of a roach clip?

Huge News!

What really, really upset me about this experience was realizing the show was being aired on the A&E network. I mean, A&E used to be a network that showcased ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT – entertainment that was really more arts-related than cop-related.

Prelude to Bloomsbury Memories Post

I crawled into my bed a little early last night – not to sleep, but to read under the covers with Chrissy at the foot of the bed, and all right with the world. As I lay there, I kept letting the thought flit through my mind that I needed to get up and write…

Tired or Lazy? One of These For Sure.

I realized almost 24 hours after I posted to my blog last night that I called my imaginary TV show the wrong thing. I’m sorry.

Realism is Not an Antidote

In fifty years, the fact that I – or anyone else – ever kept a blog or posted photos on the Internet or wrote novels or painted or sculpted or coached people to be their best selves won’t even matter.

Like a Little Girl

Remember that time I got to meet Senator Robert Byrd (before he went off the deep end into senility and helped put Alito on the Supreme Court) at the dedication of that jail in Gilmer County, WV? And remember when Senator John D. Rockefeller IV sought me out in a reporters’ line-up so he could…

Oh, well. Why not?

Have I ever mentioned what a Twittiot I am? This is my word (probably not original: shut up!) for being a Twitter Idiot. I’m so bad at it. Instagram, too. All those hashtags and @-symbols and the never-ending. always-updating scroll on both platforms. I was born in 1969. This is not the future I imagined….

I Am Not Depressed

My sister has been reading my blog lately – something she swore she would never do again after I kept “teasing” her with a deluge of posts, then nothing for, oh, three years? Four years? Yeah. I did that to her a lot. Not because I lost faith in myself, or because I lost faith…

People Knowledge

Comment I sent to spamland today: What’s up to every one, the contents existing at this web site are in fact remarkable for people knowledge, well, keep up the nice work fellows. I’m not sure why that one made me laugh – every comment I trash is inept and obviously written by people with no understanding…


For whatever reason, as soon as I decided to go back to blogging on Word Press, the fine people who have been kind enough to develop the Word Press interface and who keep updating it out of the kindness of their hearts have gone one step beyond and developed a new editor for people using…

Not This Again: Abandoned Blog Edition

There are several posts on this blog regarding the act of blogging (they can all be read here), and one post even talks about an old blog of mine that I dismantled for a reason I am powerless to name, now, though it must have seemed like a very good reason at the time considering…

Wedding Kells

First off: yes. Yes, I know! I suck at blogging! The infrequency with which I post things on this blog is probably fodder for a blog entry itself, but not on this night. I’m sorry! Last week I read a story about a teacher at a Catholic school who was fired from her job after…

Blowing the Dust Off Dead Things

So I’ve been trying to resurrect and sort of fluff up my on-line presence, and this has proved to be tedious and frustrating and will most likely prove worthless when all is said and done and written. I could remember nothing about an old Instagram account, so I just started a new one. Because I…