No, Not Like That Song By Psychedelic Furs

WARNING TO MY SISTER: CONVOLUTION AHEAD For a reason I refuse to discuss on my blog at this time, I was looking through some notes I have made over the last week, and one of them was weird enough to share with a friend of mine: “Did the Ghost and Mrs Muir have sex?! What was the story there?!” This led to a short discussion about the eponymous TV show starring Hope Lange (which we both loved as kids). This short discussion led to my relatively longer preoccupation with watching available episodes of “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir“* on YouTube, something […] Read More

I Saw Lon Chaney (Jr.) Dancing with the Queens

I don’t even know where to start this post. You might say it starts more than a decade ago, though it could actually be traced from a decade ago to almost three decades ago.  Screw it. I’m not going back that far, and I’m not going to explain everything I wanted to explain in this post. I’m not getting paid to do this – until I do you’ll take what I give you and lump it or leave it. A week or so ago I was sitting at the bar of Ravenite Pizzeria with my friend Jim waiting for our […] Read More