Citizen Jim’s Secret Archive

Heartbroken Lunatics
In which Citizen Jim almost breaks his hand complaining about Chicken Sheets’s departure from Twitter and the consequences of not being on Facebook.

Hobo Jim’s Boxcar Betrayal
In which Citizen Jim has a nasty trick played on him by “the guys,” and immediately runs crying to Chicken Sheets.

A Moral and Sexual Outrage!
After she escapes from work with the help of her former nemesis, Chicken Sheets’s plans to celebrate the birthday of British movie starlet Kate Winslet are almost – ALMOST – thwarted by Citizen Jim.

Fuck Off, Ya Fuckers!
Citizen Jim pulls a “David Foster Wallace”-type stunt only to find himself on the run. And not from booksellers.

Columbia Towers
In which Citizen Jim attempts to save Chicken Sheets from a romantic mishap through the most crackpot, meticulous and ridiculous means possible.

Man Attacked by Squirrel While Crapping In Yard: HD
In which Citizen Jim arrives expecting a birthday party, but has to settle for (possibly) rabies.

Bad Turn on Day Two
In which Citizen Jim arrives after Chicken Sheets is vibrating because she has made her coffee too strong.

Treasure Trove
In which Citizen Jim tries to advise Chicken Sheets regarding her job at a retirement facility.

In which Citizen Jim arrives to inspire Chicken Sheets with a classic rock album by Captain Beefheart.