Wow: The Iron Horse by The Sound Defects

While listening to an album by Kemet called Your Queen is s Reptile I mashed a link to another full album called The Iron Horse by The Sound Defects. And I immediately loved what I was hearing, and kept listening and kept listening.

This music sounds like it might be perfect for…so many things: cleaning. Painting. Writing. Cooking. Chilling by a fire. Hanging out by the pool. Sexy time. Party time. It’s got an almost eerily malleable vibe to it.

So I went to the comments section – where almost everyone who left a comment had found the album quite by accident.

And then I looked at the number of views the video has had: 14,250,191! I thought that was pretty freaking amazing.

Then I got really depressed because I thought about how rich this band/person mixing sounds in his basement/whatever this shit is would be if they only had a dollar for each view of this video on YouTube.

So I’m not going to link to the YouTube video; here is a link to the album for sale on Apple Music and on Amazon Music. Go buy it, man. You won’t be sorry.

There’s also a Facebook page (last posted in June) and a Twitter account (with no tweets since 2013).

Go now! Listen! Bliss out, you uptight, worry wart assholes! Don’t you know the world is going to end soon – get as much enjoyment from this shit-swirl of a world as you can manage.