No, Not Like That Song By Psychedelic Furs


For a reason I refuse to discuss on my blog at this time, I was looking through some notes I have made over the last week, and one of them was weird enough to share with a friend of mine: “Did the Ghost and Mrs Muir have sex?! What was the story there?!”

This led to a short discussion about the eponymous TV show starring Hope Lange (which we both loved as kids). This short discussion led to my relatively longer preoccupation with watching available episodes of “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir“* on YouTube, something I only even mention because I then discovered something I wasn’t expecting: the show was much better than I remember. (And it did win an Emmy during the first season of its short two-year run.) It was so much better, in fact, that I foresee my watching more episodes in binge-fashion this weekend.

Emmy-winner Charles Nelson Reilly from “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.”

*: No, I’m not going to Google “The Ghost IN Mrs. Muir” just to see if someone made a porn-version of it. Why? For one thing, I NEVER do that! And for another thing, that’s not what this is about! I refuse to sully my childhood memories! (Or the childhood memory of my friend, come to think of it and more importantly!)

Here’s a compromise: the video of “The Ghost in YOU” by Psychedelic Furs. (The B-side of which was, if I remember turning over my own copy [bought for $1.25 at Hills Department Store in 1985],  “Heartbeat.” [Not A-side material at all. And not to be confused with another song by them called “Heartbreak Beat,” which was much better.] I think I listened to “Heartbeat” once.) (Trivia: Robyn Hitchcock did a great cover of “The Ghost in You” that he released on an all-covers album in 2014. [Even better: his cover of “To Turn You On,” one of my favorite Roxy Music songs.])