Like a Little Girl

Remember that time I got to meet Senator Robert Byrd (before he went off the deep end into senility and helped put Alito on the Supreme Court) at the dedication of that jail in Gilmer County, WV?

And remember when Senator John D. Rockefeller IV sought me out in a reporters’ line-up so he could tell me that he liked an article I had written in the local paper about a broadband project spearheaded by some super-geeks at Carnegie Mellon University?

Neither one of those things was as exciting as logging in to my Twitter account and seeing that @jackpendarvis had “mentioned” me last week in a Tweet that recalled a Tweet from eight years ago which also mentioned me.

I had forgotten my initial excitement from 2010 (read: I was as giddy as a normal little girl would be in 1978 if, say, Andy Gibb came to her house) until I felt the same excitement bubble up in me today. (As giddy as I would have been in 1978 if, say, Kate Jackson had come to my house and said, “Call me when you’re 18.”) Because I have never missed a blog post by Jack Pendarvis since, like, 2007 maybe?

I’m sorry! Do you think I’m an idiot? Fair enough. Maybe I am.