Update: Hamilton Nolan

As I mentioned in a post yesterday, I was very sad to see Gawker.com go away, especially because that was where I read things (pretty much every day) by Hamilton Nolan. He was the king of taking the piss out of the richies and political hacks and other awful people.

Being too stupid and short-sighted to live, I never looked him up after Gawker got shuttered. What is wrong with me?!  I can’t blame this oversight on my age, nor is it due to any lack of interest in taking the piss out of richies and political hacks and other awful people.  There are few things I like better, in actual fact. Maybe because I grew up very poor and have worked very hard most of my life for little money and with nothing of great worth to show for it? Probably.

To make a long, increasingly self-pitying story short: I looked up Hamilton Nolan, and he is still writing for the people who brought us the miracle of Gawker, but his byline appears under the Splinter masthead. Maybe more than that, but I am only just delving into the brain-orgasm-inducing backlog of Things I Have Not Yet Read by Hamilton Nolan.

I advise anyone who is reading this post (haha! That would be nobody!) to do the same. You won’t be sorry. If you find that you are sorry after following my advice, you don’t even deserve the dignity of an eye roll from me: you are dead to me.