Music for Smalls Lighthouse: Ear Treasure

A terrible thing—maybe the worst thing ever—happened to my creative life last week, but I didn’t start feeling the repercussions of it until Sunday morning. As far as writing routines go I have nothing ironclad that I would share on social media with any amount of smugness. It’s nearly always a crapshoot when I sit…

Love Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

I noticed that I created a tag for my blog posts called “love,” and when I noticed it I wondered why I had done such a thing. All things considered, I mean, vis à vis love and me, it seemed a little…weird, to say the very least. So imagine my relief when I saw that…

Everything Is Everything Else

Can’t decide if I want to make a blog entry or write a Citizen Jim Story* to talk about what all I’m pondering on this dreary Saturday. Such as: the horrible weather (Tropical Storm Barry) my new keyboard the sliver of a new idea for a piece of fiction that keeps rubbing itself on the…

Recipe for Homemade Air Dry Clay

NOTE: A lot of people think you can jazz up any recipe by melting cheese into whatever you’re making. This is NOT that kind of recipe.

Full disclosure?

I’ve noticed that (usually) when people lean toward you and say in a low voice, “Full disclosure…” they never tell you anything interesting, or anything that you didn’t already either know or at least guess about them. I used the parenthetical offset with the word “usually” because every once in a while someone’s full disclosure…

Twelve Years, No Progress

This is the text of a column I wrote for the April 12, 2007 edition of the Glenville Democrat, a newspaper for which I was a guest columnist at the time. (I had been an actual columnist for the paper between 2002 and 2005.) I’m not sure what the title of the column was. If…

Survive, Survive, Survive

“Sometimes I think it’s possible to live with anything. That we’re wired to survive, survive, survive, to grip on to the gnarliest thread until life is pried from our bones. Other times I think it’s not possible to live at all. Not at all.” – Ellena Savage, from “Yellow City,” published in The Paris Review

Merry Christmas

The plan was to purge my life of social media at the end of this, the worst year in a long time (if not on a personal level then definitely on a world-wide scale). I was going to let my Facebook friends know, and the people who follow my page. Nobody cares at the other…

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

Remember the song “99” by Toto? Is this number being assigned to a girl? Maybe a robot? The price of a hot dog and a Coke at the skating rink in 1979? The number of angels that will fit between the teeth of a roach clip?

Franzen’s Rules

I didn’t think I could like him less as a writer, but he certainly helped me out with that.

Facebook Post

If I wanted to make a long story short, I would just say that I deactivated my Facebook account. I do this all the time, for different reasons and for varying amounts of time. But I recently posted something and made a comment on it that drew comments I did not care for from a…

Secret, Jr. : Still Messing About

Yes, I am still messing about with my secret project. I’m sorry. It’s going to take quite a lot of messing about with it before I will be ready to unveil it for public consumption. No, I’m not writing a cookbook, or a “cookery book,” as they are more likely to call them in Britain,…


I’ve got a secret and I can’t explain. But I’ve spent the evening doing research, and now I am too tired to blog. Don’t worry – it’s nothing big, nothing serious, nothing major. We’ll talk soon. 

On This Night

An early bedtime is being brought to me by decorating for the holidays at work. The only thing worse than having to decorate for Christmas is having to take all the Christmas decorations down. Oh, and trying to store them all in some orderly fashion when all you really want to do is throw everything…

Citizen Jim Jams

This haphazard nostalgia-on-the-fly situation creates a lot of little Happiness Pockets for me to stick my hands into without giving me the opportunity to get focused on things that can turn into Unhappiness Pockets.