Killing Jim
In which Citizen Jim arrives on the Gulf Coast to save Chicken Sheets from Hurricane Barry. And to give her a very important message from the BBC.

Work. Pride. Badgers.
In which Citizen Jim shows up during Pride Month to: calm down Chicken Sheets; make sure she’s still gay; and tell an unfunny joke set in the Midlands.

Middle Aged Mehs
Citizen Jim busts in on the midlife crisis of Chicken Sheets, suggesting convent life after he can’t ferret any sexual secrets out of her. (Requires password; use the contact form below to request password. Your email is required only to send you a password. I don’t even need your name. I’m not collecting info at all. Promise.)

Cruisin’ for a Musin’
In which Citizen Jim arrives to offer his services for a limited time and then he and Chicken Sheets are THROUGH! (Or so he says.)

Disagreement Engine: The Intro and Origin Story


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