Warning: My Tagline is Stolen

Full disclosure: I stole the tag line of this blog (“Blogging is an old person-thing.”) from a 2010 article on the late, great, sorely missed website Gawker.com. Near the end of the piece, the author says, “That’s right: blogging is an old person thing now.”

Someone was saying that seven years ago – yet, here I am writing on a blog. Is anyone more out of step with the times than I? Doubtful. I don’t do Instagram or Twitter, and have never snap-chatted in my life. (Although chap-snatting sounds like some cruel, painful prank that cowboys might have played on each other when they got bored on a cattle drive, doesn’t it?)

I’m not even sure why the line stuck with me for all these years, except…the article was written by my most favorite Gawker writer, Hamilton Nolan. I don’t even know what has happened to him, but I sure miss reading something by him every day, especially regarding the economy.

The fact that I could Google the name “Hamilton Nolan” at any time to see where he is plying his trade, now, but have not looked him up sort of makes me sound like a disingenuous asshole who doesn’t really care what happened to Hamilton Nolan. Who cares? I know my own heart.

I’ll write more about how blogging is an old person-thing later. I’ve worn myself out just writing this. (And I didn’t even use the time or energy to add an image to liven up the text: that’s very sad!)