User Error

I have complained – not loudly, but often enough to be annoying – about the fact that the words “blog” and “blogging” are not recognized by the spell check of the Word Press editor (in whatever iteration). It just seemed so strange to me, right? Why would a blogging platform decide that the word “blogging” is not a word?

To me it seemed  like internalized homophobia, or a Jewish Nazi.

Pictured: Internalized Homophobia (left), Jewish Nazi
Then I realized something.

It’s not the Word Press platform. Never was. It was never the Blogger platform, either. Neither one of these blogging platforms was making the words “blog” and “blogging” seem nonexistent.

It was the browser. Rather, it was an extension on the browser that I sought out and added to it.  It was my fault – I was making the words appear misspelled through my use of Grammarly.

Maybe I’ll tell you more about Grammarly another day.

“Oh, God, Ma, it was me! It was me all along! Me!”