Yes, I Just Said, “Oh Shit!” to an Empty Room

In my previous blog post, I laughed out loud and then wrote, “Hahaha!” in the post to add “life” to it.

While skimming lots of RSS feeds (because old people still use RSS feeds, don’t you know) this evening, I read one headline: “Oh yes, Fleabag’s Hot Priest is your new Tom Ripley” and immediately said out loud, “Oh, shit!”

Because that news made me happy and because it just seemed so inevitable even though the thought of Andrew Scott as Tom Ripley never, ever entered my head before I read that headline.

Of course Andrew Scott is going to play Tom Ripley. And he’s going to be the best one ever, just like he was the best Moriarty ever.

And just like every hot priest from now until the world has burnt to a crisp will be held to an unattainable standard set by him in “Fleabag,” one of the most perfect TV shows ever conceived since TVs (and shows) were invented.

Yes, Andrew Scott is the kind of actor that can make me cry just by appearing in any scene of any length in any capacity.