Weekend Agenda

It’s Friday. Last week I wasn’t excited about Friday, even though I had the day off, because I then had to work over the weekend. But today – this Friday – is exciting.

For one thing, my friend Jim and his wife are coming to town. That’s always exciting.

Also, as you know, I have decided against writing a novel this month. This means my creative time will be somewhat freed up to do things like blogging. But what do people blog about when they aren’t desperately attempting to write a novel in 30 days? Well, I’ve been brainstorming about that.

A Few Possible Things I Might Blog About in the Coming Weeks:
  • Current trends in fiction
  • Jonathan Franzen’s “10 Rules for Novelists”
  • Losing followers on Twitter
  • My dubious future as a successful writer
  • My own “10 Rules for Novelists”
  • The poison of Facebook
  • This Saturday’s WVU game (against Oklahoma State)
  • Online Dating Aspirations
  • TV shows that mysteriously never went into syndication
  • Creation of a new feature wherein I offer to the public ideas that I am too lazy to flesh out into stories of any quality or significance
  • Ways to waste time on the weekends