Wedding Kells

First off: yes. Yes, I know! I suck at blogging! The infrequency with which I post things on this blog is probably fodder for a blog entry itself, but not on this night. I’m sorry!

Last week I read a story about a teacher at a Catholic school who was fired from her job after it was discovered that she got married – not to a fat, bug-eyed athletic coach named Chad, and not to Jesus.

No, she married a woman!

Uh oh.

There was a bit of an outcry about the firing of this teacher from many of the parents who loved her as a teacher, but to no avail. You can’t be a teacher at a Catholic school – not even a good teacher; not even, as was implied about this particular woman, a great teacher, the best teacher ever – and go around getting yourself married to people of the same sex, okay? Them’s the rules, apparently.

Anyway, the whole story fell off my radar until I noticed a piece about it had appeared in my NY Times Weddings section RSS feed. (Keeping up with these things is a long-standing tradition of mine about which you can read here.) I thought it was an odd place to feature the story since all of the wedding announcements usually featured are happy in nature. But this wasn’t happy at all! It was terrible what happened to those girls!

Though I normally share some of the weirder or funnier wedding information each week with a friend of mine via text message, I opted to blog about this for a few reasons:

  1. I hadn’t written a post in a while.
  2. The only thing about this particular “wedding announcement” that would interest my aforementioned friend – a very devout, very liberal Catholic – is the fact that the kinds of Catholics she doesn’t like to associate herself with have – once again! – decided not to act like Jesus at all.
  3. To iterate the fact that, no matter how far we think we’ve come as a society, the dumbest shit can still be slung at good people by terrible people, thus underlining the fact that society must never stop trying to move forward no matter how comfortable we can seem to be sitting from time to time.

Okay, so. I just wrote a blog post. Now get off my back!