The Bloomsbury Memories Post

It’s a long story that doesn’t bear repeating here on my blog, but I dug out an old, OOOLLLLD piece of writing last week because I think I finally found the perfect person to share it with. So I took this collection of paper pages and retyped the whole thing into a Word document.

As I explained to the person who might appreciate it more than anyone else in my past or current life, this piece of writing is so old that I sent it to the New Yorker magazine via snail mail and received my rejection via snail mail on a slip of paper about the size of a toilet paper square. (The irony has always been lost on me until this very moment. Gah!)

Snail mail, though is a wonderful thing, even now. Because I would not even have the hard copy of “Bloomsbury Memories” if my Canadian friend (and fellow chat room wedding crasher) Sheriff Babey hadn’t sent me a large envelope full of print outs from 1999. I used to have the work on a floppy disk. But. Er.

Ugh. I’m so old.

To double-back on this post’s beginnings: I did not not want to send any unsolicited¬†writing to a stranger, not even a stranger who might like it, not even a stranger who can neither reject it for a magazine (because I’m not submitting it to a magazine) nor retaliate by unfriending me on Facebook (because we aren’t Facebook friends).

So I decided to just post the piece on my website.

I’ve posted much, much dumber things. So.

Click this link to read “Bloomsbury Memories.”

The Bloomsbury gang posing for photos before an interview with Megyn Kelly on “Today.”