Picking Up

I guess I’ll have to start blogging again since I’ve decided not to write a book this month.

In about 15 minutes an alarm will sound on my phone to remind me that “The Good Place” is coming on at 7:30. Guess what my alarm to remind me about “The Good Place” sounds like?

I set it to play “Devil Again” by Thee Oh Sees, a band that within the last year actually changed their name to Oh Sees. I guess they got tired of signing that extra word on albums for screaming young girls.

Haha! On second thought, I bet not. In fact, there’s a good chance I might have dreamed that.

Anyway. That’s my post for the night. Unless Kristen Bell knocks on my door and asks if she can lie in bed with me and watch “The Good Place” tonight, you won’t be hearing from me again. I hope you enjoyed it, because I have nothing left to give this blog until tomorrow.