Nothing To It

There’s nothing to it. You just start writing. Type out or scribble down a few words, a phrase, an image. Set a timer. Write for an hour. See how many words you can get written in that time. Look them over. Throw them away. Forget all of it. Start again.

Train your brain to work for an hour. Add fifteen minutes to that hour. Try 90 minutes, two hours. Just keep building on that. Don’t stop writing. Keep going.

Tell yourself that every second of the time you’re working: “No one is ever going to read this.” And see how high your imagination can leap when you repeat that, use it like a mantra, as you write.0

Let your fingers slip down the scratchy length of the rope, and sooner or later you’ll be at the end of it. You won’t think you can hold on any longer. But you have to because beneath you is an abyss, an endless drop, a bottomless pit. A gaping maw into the belly of a giant who lives inside the eye of a fathomless God.