No Good Title Comes to Mind

So I was looking at Twitter this morning and came across this Tweet:

Of course, since I live in the U.S. I see stories like this every day about every major city in the nation.

What caught my eye about this tweet, though, was the subhead:

Hundreds of low-paid workers across Britain are forced to live in vehicles. But they face an uncertain future

Well. The bar seems to have lowered for acceptable living arrangements, eh? Low-paid workers are lucking out by having cars to live in, but, you know, that luck may not hold.

I’m sure if I read the article – which I cannot bear to do right before going to work – it would be explained thusly: even the unfortunate people living in their cars might not be able to keep doing that. Because they will be fined or towed or something will happen to them to compound their misery and hellish existence.


I don’t even know where I was going with this.

How do we all keep living in this fucking world? Jesus Hawkinberry Christ, what a shit-show.