More stuff about Gawker

At least two of the very few posts I have made on this blog have concerned by way of writing about my love for Hamilton Nolan, a former Gawker editor.

I have just read that efforts are being made to archive “the entirety” of material due to fears that the content of this now-defunct website will be bought and destroyed by billionaires who did not like the content generated by

Reported suitors have included Peter Thiel—who bankrolled the legal campaign that ultimately crushed the site—and more recently Mike Cernovich, who the site once described as a “D-list right-winger.”

A time-honored solution to The Billionaire Problem

The whole piece about this is, by turns, scary and infuriating.

A phrase repeated in the article is “the billionaire problem.” Indeed. I believe the entire world has fallen prey to The Billionaire Problem, a circumstance I will never see corrected in my lifetime, I hate to realize and acknowledge.