For whatever reason, as soon as I decided to go back to blogging on Word Press, the fine people who have been kind enough to develop the Word Press interface and who keep updating it out of the kindness of their hearts have gone one step beyond and developed a new editor for people using Word Press.

Still from video for “One Step Beyond” by Madness.

I didn’t have to activate it and start using it, but they will be making it SOP when they roll out the next version of Word Press. I don’t think I’ll be dead when that happens, nor will I have given up blogging (though it will probably seem so most of the time). So I thought I better try and stay ahead of the learning curve and get used to this new-fangled technology.

It will give me some new fodder for blog posts, I’m sure, though certainly this is no reason to inconvenience myself. This future material will most likely run along the eldercentric lines of, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

At some point, I will probably swear off ever trying to learn any more new-fangled technologies and write one or more posts about becoming a luddite-in-training. Pay no attention to me if this happens, as I imagine I will make these declarations on mornings when I’m having a mood-altering hot flash, or if my tea isn’t strong enough, or if I’m having one of those potent, mind-scrambling cravings for the cigarettes I have long-sworn off of and have no plans to start using again. (They never go away for good, these cravings. Never.)

(And yes: the word “blogging” is still showing up as a misspelled word on this BLOG [as does the word “blog”] despite all the time and attention I’m sure the Word Press people have put into creating this new-fangled editor for us to use!)