Huge News!

Haha. Not really.

I changed the name of my blog from “Where Have All the Good Blogs Gone” to “Sorry. I Gotta Go Blog.”

A kind of reason for the change is somewhat explained in a half-assed sort of way here, or maybe here, but definitely here.

Oh, wait! Here’s some news: my sister came to town for a couple days. We went grambling in Biloxi, for one thing. For another thing, we spent 24 hours together and didn’t have one argument.

I’ll admit I wasn’t thrilled to be blasted awake at 2:30 this morning by a TV show my sister wasn’t even watching because she was asleep but had left the TV on. (It was one of those stupid cop shows; the person being arrested was crazed with drink, drugs, and, apparently, insomnia, as he kept screaming: “I can’t sleep! I can’t sleep! I cant sleep! I can’t sleep! I can’t sleep! I cant sleep!” as they strapped him to a gurney and loaded him into an ambulance. That is what woke me up. What really, really upset me about this experience was realizing the show was being aired on the A&E network. I mean, A&E used to be a network that showcased ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT – entertainment that was really more arts-related than cop-related. [Insert heavy sigh here.])

Also, I had a major anxiety dream about work that is still haunting me twelve hours later.